Principle and precautions of medical disposable masks


Principle and precautions of medical disposable masks

Disposable medical masks are necessary respiratory protective equipment for medical workers and patients. They play a two-way role in isolating germs and protecting patients and medical workers from the infection of each other's germs. Disposable surgical masks look simple, but how do they work? What should I pay attention to when using it?

I. Working principle of disposable medical mask filter material

(1) Diffusion deposition: The Brownian motion diffusion of particles shifts to the filter fiber and is adsorbed by molecular gravity. Filter fibers capture small particles, fine fibers, and particles moving at low speeds.

(2) Interception deposition: the larger particles moving with the airflow are trapped by mechanical screening of the filtering material. The ratio of particle diameter to filter fiber diameter affects the interception efficiency.

(3) Inertial deposition: when particles pass through the curved mesh channel of the filter material, they break away from the airflow and collide with the filter fiber due to inertial action, and are trapped by molecular gravity. Large particles, high density and high speed have good interception effect.

(4) Electrostatic attraction deposition: the deposition of particles caused by the electrostatic effect of filter fibers. The smaller the particles are, the stronger the deposition effect of 1 and 4 will be. The larger the particles are, the better the effect of 2 and 3 will be. Therefore, it is not the smaller the particles are, the harder they are to be filtered. Combined with the synergistic effect of the filter mechanism, the penetration particle size of the ordinary mechanical filter material ranges from 0.1m to 0.3m.

Ii. Precautions for the use of disposable medical masks

(1) Wear for a suitable time

Medical protective masks can be applied for 6-8 hours continuously, and should be replaced in time in the following cases: respiratory impedance is significantly increased (when breathing is difficult); If the mask is damaged or contaminated; Masks do not close to the face; After contact with a sick person or carrier of the virus.

(2) Conduct close-fitting test after wearing

Face tightness test should be performed when wearing a disposable medical mask. The simple test method is: after wearing a disposable medical mask, forced expiratory, air can not leak from the edge of the mask is qualified.

(3) Do not squeeze the mask with your hands

All kinds of masks, including N95 masks, can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you squeeze the mask with your hand, you will make the virus wet the mask with droplets, which will increase the chance of infection.

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