N95 cup and mask shaping machine


Product Brand: Aloi

Machine size: 2500*1600*2000mm

Output: 36pcs/min

Air pressure: 6㎏/cm²

Machine weight: 400KG

Body material: Aluminum alloy

Voltage: 220V

Control method: PLC

Power: 3KW

Detection method: photoelectric detection

Remarks: The mold needs to be customized according to the customer's size


This machine is a fully automatic cup-shaped mask hot press forming machine. It can automatically complete multiple processes such as feeding, cutting, and returning materials, which can save 3-5 manpower compared with traditional manual operations. Adopt PLC control system, touch screen setting, simple and fast operation, can be used by single person and single machine, forming 6 masks at a time, only need manual feeding and retrieving.





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