Cup plastic mask welding machine


Product Brand: Aloi

Machine size: 3200*1320*1950mm

Output: 10-12pcs/min

Air pressure: 6㎏/cm²

Machine weight: 1200KG

Body Material: Steel Pipe

Voltage: 220V

Control method: PLC

Power: 2.5KW

Detection method: photoelectric detection

Description: This machine is an automatic production equipment that automatically fixes the external nose bridge and head-mounted ear strap to the folding mask by ultrasonic welding. The machine only needs one person to place the folding mask body on the special fixture station of the machine. The machine will automatically realize the feeding of the nose bridge, the cutting of the nose bridge, the welding and fixing of the nose bridge, the automatic feeding of the ear strap, the welding of the ear strap, the automatic removal and pushing of the finished product. , Greatly improve production efficiency, save labor costs, and also improve product quality.






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